Commercial Lighting Design


Every building tells a story and every structure presents itself to the world in its own distinct way.

During daylight hours, its size, form, shape, colour and texture are self-evident, but when night falls, we can help display the very same elements – seemingly unremarkable and often taken for granted – in a completely new light. 

Imaginative, thoughtful and artfully integrated illumination can transform the entity, frequently revealing hidden secrets and architectural gems! Similarly, every space has a personality comprising a myriad of differing surfaces – smooth or textured, plain or decorated – all of which can be effectively complemented and enhanced by the application of creative lighting.

The latest solid-state light sources, artfully interwoven into the very fabric of the walls, ceilings and floors, can transfigure the environment in a subtle or spectacular fashion.

Light Partners' specialist skills have been harnessed to offer an unparalleled level of customer service to a wide range of corporate and private clients all over the world.

Daryl Vaughan’s renowned lighting design talents, creative vision and programming prowess, coupled with the company’s technical know-how, installation expertise and ‘turnkey’ project management capabilities, represent a unique fusion of the aesthetic and practical.

Here is a sample of clients who have benefitted from Light Partners' professional illumination services: