Lighting Consultancy Sectors

Our team of lighting design specialists cover a wide range of sectors and have experience in transforming spaces be it commercial or residential into iconic landmarks. We can make your brand come to life with effective lighting, which through our techniques can evoke bespoke atmospheres tailored to suit your desired outcome.

We encourage you to browse through the following sectors and learn more about how our expertise is applied to a variety of environments. To ensure that you receive the most relevant information for your needs we encourage you to contact us, as we will answer any questions you may have about the lighting design process.


Every commercial project comes with a distinct target audience and a very targeted approach, in which lighting plays a significant role. We understand the importance of good lighting design and with our years of experience in this industry we know how to turn good lighting into fantastic lighting. Our lighting specialists can make your commercial property have a lasting positive effect on your customers.

At Light Partners you are guaranteed to receive the best service, we have a wide range of illumination solutions that will highlight your property's best qualities.


Within the ecclesiastical sector, the quality and the brightness of the lighting is particularly important. Great church lighting illuminates the prominent locations within the building, those visiting the church should be able to read service sheets, see and move freely within the space and appreciate the architectural features that the building has to offer. We also understand that you are looking for a cost effective solution and we will work with you to ensure that going forward the lighting design can be easily operated and maintained.


In healthcare projects there tend to be main areas of focus when it comes to crafting the best lighting design solution. Our team are here to offer you the compliant, energy cost-saving lighting that promotes healthy living and provides the best working experience for the talented medical staff. Lighting is key to ensuring that patients receive the very best care, by being welcomed into a bright, inviting space that also allows for the key instruments to delivering the care to be illuminated in the right way. Lighting has been proven to play a considerable role in enhancing both the concentration and productivity of staff and we are here to help your healthcare property to perform the best it possibly can.


A unique sector in lighting design is the historical sector and we are pleased to say that we enjoy using creative techniques to create the desired historical effect. We understand the vision of creating historically accurate lighting that also offers an up-to-date lighting performance that illuminates the key points in the area.


Hospitality is all about making your guests feel at home but not just any home, a home that both comforts and inspires them. While being the perfect host is important, Light Partners is here to support you and ensure that your environment reflects your friendly and professional demeanour. Whether that means creating innovative strategies to showcase aspects of the property whilst keeping the lighting 'invisible' to those around or whether you would prefer the lighting to be on show and become yet another highlight of your property, we have the means to do so.


Effective lighting design is truly what transforms a nice landmark into a stand-out landmark that excites those that view it. By viewing our portfolio you will know that we have a wide experience in creating engaging visuals that make any property become the key focal point of its location. Through innovative design, we will craft a unique lighting design for your needs that experiments with the architecture, height, texture and shape of your building to ensure a bespoke experience. 


When lighting a nautical environment, we are on hand to provide the best nautical lighting that ranges in the coastal aesthetic. We have a selection of highly favoured nautical lights that either feature marine or nautical themed fittings that generate the beloved nostalgia of summertime beach holidays. If you prefer a coastal style of lighting, then we have a selection of lights that will enhance your relaxed nautical aesthetic.


Whether you're looking for modern lighting design or a fun colourful lighting experience, we have the tools necessary to make that happen. In this sector we have helped our customers to install exciting light fixtures that give you the control to change the atmosphere of the room with a click of a button - scroll through the colours available and change the lighting to suit your desired mood for the room. 


Looking to impress friends, family or work colleagues with your aesthetically-pleasing home? Lighting design is the key to making your carefully chosen furniture and colour palettes come together into a complete package. Through understanding your vision for the perfect home we will create a full lighting design plan that will go through the key steps and assets that will modify your home's appearance.

Through years of experience in this sector, we have the knowledge and equipment to cater for all styles, tastes and requirements. Also we are on hand to support you throughout the process so if you have any questions, our friendly staff will be there to help offer advice and consultation when needed.


Keeping your retail property well-lit and clean is very important, which is why we strive to provide you with a variety of options to ensure that we find the best design for your retail location. As you will have customers insight, we will ensure that the lighting used is compact and out of the way to ensure that your customers have the best visual experience.

Art Installations

Much like the art found in art installations, lighting is also considered a form of artistic expression and we are here to help you to create an illuminated property that highlights each art feature present within. We have a host of lights that can be used to showcase art from paintings to sculptures and if there are any special requirements then we would be happy to discuss those with you. 


While we have worked in a range of diverse sectors, we are aware that not all projects fit under a single label, which is why we want to reassure you that if you are looking to benefit your brand through lighting, we can offer a lighting solution for you. Whether your project is large or small, we will work with you to create the best outcome possible because you come first and we want to make your creative vision a reality.