Set opposite the fabled Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, the high-rise Endeavour Clear Lake was launched into another dimension with a unique LED lighting installation.  Completed in June 2010, the 30-story tower became an instant icon on Clear Lake with its animated washes of colored light running up the vertical centers of the north façade and the south-facing penthouse pinnacle.

Prior to the start of construction, the building’s owner and builder approached British lighting designer Daryl Vaughan of creative lighting consultancy Light Partners, LLC, to design a fully integrated lighting system for the structure.

The objective for the new installation was to create a unique identity for the luxury condominium through the design, application, and integration of a programmable, solid-state lighting system.  The latest high-output RGB LED light fixtures were chosen for the project because of their creative potential, use of color, flexibility, range of effects, programmability, and – of course – energy efficiency.

Working closely with the architect and developer, Vaughan produced a remarkably elegant design that gives the building the impression of having a virtually ‘transparent’ façade.  To create this ethereal “glow-from-within” look, 60 compact wash luminaires were installed 3.7 metres (12 feet) apart on the north side of the tower, extending vertically up the central core of the building in two parallel runs.  Additionally, 12 high-output floodlights were installed on the south side of the building, running horizontally across the building’s crown.  All the fixtures were mounted on custom offset arms 460mm (18 inches) from the cement stucco-coated wall.

The entire system is connected to single controller located in the basement of the tower. The system has the capability of storing and playing back a repertoire of light shows to mark special occasions, local events and public holidays.

Visible from many miles away, this spectacular installation has transformed Endeavour from a luxury condominium into an iconic landmark in south-east Texas.

Further information can be found at: https://www.colorkinetics.com/global/showcase/endeavour

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