Architectural Lighting Design Consultants

“We at Light Partners have an instinctive understanding of what makes light work, extensive knowledge of the latest lighting technology, a commitment to uncompromising quality and attention to detail… resulting in outstanding results for our clients.”


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Lighting Design Consultants


Lighting Design Consultants

Light Partners specialises in creative, innovative lighting – both external façade and interior feature illumination. Collaborating with architects, developers, interior designers, general contractors and project managers, we advise, design, plan and oversee the installation of integrated lighting systems – along with the authoring and programming of timed and kinetic light shows – for all kinds of buildings, structures and natural landscapes.



Light Partners – established in 1992 with offices in the UK and the USA – is a creative lighting consultancy specialising in the application of theatrical style feature lighting in commercial, residential, retail and landscape environments.

Architectural Lighting Design

We work closely with developers, architects, builders, designers and landscapers to ensure that feature lighting is taken into consideration as an integral and crucial element in any project. Our skills and talents enable us to offer an unrivalled creative and practical service to both facilitators and end users.

Health & Fitness Illumination

Light Partners is recognised as one of the leading designers, specifiers and integrators of lighting systems for the burgeoning health, fitness and leisure lifestyle industry. We have developed a unique understanding of this market and can boast an enviable body of work for an exclusive client portfolio stretching across the globe.

Specialist Lighting

It’s not just buildings and interior spaces that need imaginative illumination… a myriad of other subjects – art installations, sculptures, fountains, statues and monuments etc. – from the relatively modest in size to the positively gargantuan in scale – can all benefit from creative lighting.

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Feature Lighting Design

Our Talent … To Illuminate

Focusing exclusively on architectural ‘feature’ lighting, our services include system design, equipment specification and supply, installation, programming and support services. Working alongside real estate developers, architects, interior designers, landscapers and others, our company has amassed a wide portfolio of projects spanning the commercial, retail, hospitality, residential, public and entertainment sectors.project management capabilities represent a unique fusion of the aesthetic and practical.

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